Made for

Standard size is 1200 mm x 1000 mm x 745 mm but height can be adjusted to meet your


Our unique product can be adapted to meet varying needs and challenges found across a range of sectors.


Make your and your customers’ lives easier with our highly flexible and effective packaging solution.

Secure and simple

The S-Bin is lightweight, easy to fill and handle and has locking hatches to ensure your product is safe and secure during transit.

Easy to store

Once your product has been delivered, your customers can save valuable space with the S-Bin.

Collapsible walls

Can be stacked 4 high in warehouse (double stacked in transit) and fold down when empty with
collapsible walls.

S-Bin Breakdown and Stacking

To break down your S-Bins and prepare them for stacking…

  • Grab your bins, 13 in total
  • Leave one bin assembled (you’ll need it later)
  • Using the foldable walls, completely collapse the rest of the bins (hint: the walls fold along the crease on the narrow side, folding into the centre of the panel)
  • Grab your assembled bin and fill it with the walls and floor panels of the collapsed bins
  • Pile the bases of the collapsed bins on top of each other and place the filled assembled bin on top of them
  • Fix the top section of the assembled bin on top, ensuring all hatches are fitted and stack the remaining lids from the collapsed bins on top of that
  • Your bins are now ready for return! 

Other Applications and Uses

The S-Bin is predominantly used in the aquaculture sector, transporting fresh salmon and trout. However, due to its unique and adaptable features, the bin can be utilised by businesses across a wide range of industries, including the storage and transportation of computer equipment, dry goods and powders, and other fresh produce, such as meat.

How will you use it? 

See the S-Bin in Action!

Check out our gallery featuring images of our innovative and highly effective packaging solution in use. If you want to learn more about our flexible and lightweight S-Bin, get in touch with our team today.


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