How Much Can I Save?

With savings of 78% of CO2 being seen in comparison to polystyrene boxes in one closed logistics loop.

We understand that as a business, you’re looking to save time, money and space, while doing your bit to support the environment wherever you can. With the S-Bin, that’s all possible.

1. Money

With our pay-as-you-go system, simply pay for the bins when you need them! And, cheaper than conventional packaging, the S-Bin offers you the ability to ship a higher quantity of goods at once – working out 50% cheaper when compared to polystyrene and pallets.

2. Time

With our rental and logistics package, we’ll deal with the transportation of your product from A to B, saving you time in planning and coordination. 

Additionally, when your product reaches its destination, your customers will find it easier to handle and will save time cleaning up waste compared to handling traditional packaging, such as polystyrene. 

3. Space

With their capacity of 400 kg goods and 110 kg of slurry ice, and collapsible feature, the S-Bin allows you to send seven artic lorries full of product to your destination, with just one lorry returning.

4. CO2

Saving 78% of CO2 in comparison to polystyrene and pallets, each plastic component of the S-Bin is completely recyclable. With their easy-to-clean design the bins also replace the need for single-use packaging. 

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