Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size of the S-Bin? And can it be adjusted?

The standard size of our bins is 1200 mm x 1000 mm x 745 mm, however the height can be adjusted to meet your unique needs. Contact our expert team to discuss your requirements. 

How much can be transported in each bin?

The S-Bin with 745mm sides has a capacity of around 500kg – for example, 400kg HOG salmon along with approximately 100kg of slurry ice.

Can the bins be stacked?

Yes. In storage, S-Bins can be stacked four high, and two high during transit. And, with its collapsible feature, the bin can be easily stored when empty – with 13 S-Bins taking the place of one full bin.

Do I need to buy my own bins?

No. With our hire model, you can simply rent the bins when you need them, allowing you to save on time, money and labour.

Will I have to organise my own collection and drop-off?

No. Your rental agreement includes collection of the bins. After every delivery we will return them to you for washing and re-using. 

Is the S-Bin fully secure?

Yes. With its locking hatches, the S-Bin ensures your product is safe and secure during transit. 

How are the bins washed?

The S-Bin can be cleaned using power washers, however for regular use in high quantities we would recommend using a specifically designed bin washing machine. We can assist in the specification and sourcing of such a machine which offers consistently high-quality cleans at high temperatures.

What do I do if parts of the bin are damaged during transportation or use?

We accept fair wear and tear of the bins with any damaged components being taken out of circulation and replaced as part of our rental agreement, at no additional cost.

How are the bins filled? Is it easy?

Filling the bins is simple. Using a fish grader, HOG salmon can be dropped into the bin. Salmon is suspended in ice slurry, protecting it and making sure it remains fresh during transit.

How are the bins emptied?

The S-Bin can be emptied using a bin tipper and the slurry ice can be easily drained away. If required, we can also offer support with the design and supply of the bin tipper. 

Is the S-Bin cheaper than other bulk packaging solutions?

Yes. Our S-Bins allow you to ship a higher quantity of goods at once, working out as 50% cheaper when compared to polystyrene and pallets as they allow you to ship a higher quantity of goods at once.

Is the S-Bin better for the environment? How?

The S-Bin is made from completely recyclable materials and reduces the need for single-use packaging, with our clients reporting CO2 emission savings of up to 78% in comparison to polystyrene and pallets.

I’m not in the aquaculture sector. Can I still use the S-Bin?

Yes. Although the S-Bin is predominantly used in the aquaculture sector, due to its unique and adaptable features, it can be utilised by a wide range of sectors. Get in touch with our expert team to learn more.

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